четверг, 14 января 2016 г.

The truth about the war in Ukraine

In the last days - just an epidemic of some kind on the Internet according to experts around the WCT. Dozens of "experts" say that has not been done, what has been done crooked, and what had to be done, so it was good - and that's when all must be.
Almost all last winter we spent in the area of ​​the WCT. All events seen from the inside.
And I want to say one thing. Those who today says that should have been done a year ago, did not have a clue about the events that were then out there in real life.
They know the stories already embellished. Know of a telephone conversation. They know by the posts on Facebook, where 80% - fiction.
But the reality is not known. I just do not know. Do not know war. Because it went to the place in a truce or lull, when everything in words, but not in reality. And assessment is also in words.
Because our army is the army a year ago - are two different armies.
Because the military operation today and try to do something a year ago - are two different things.
Oh, and bitter, we, Ukrainians, people!
The reality of a year ago - when there is someone to form a group of 30 people who would go out and cover up the small fire of departure from the terminal. And on the positions - a sieve, and even if the person 10 is removed, the holes in the defense such that the horse walk. No 30 infantry, which can be removed from the position. No 30 people in reserve who do not refuse to carry out orders. You understand? People simply refuse. Because the likelihood of back zero.
The reality of a year ago - is when the commander of the group of 20 people dobrobatovtsev promises to go out and cover. Relying on their support, the operation plan, and they do not come. Stupidly did not come!
The reality is when back- year from 20-30 people depend on everything - but they are not, these 30 people! And there is no place to take ...
The reality of a year ago - when it does not give the infantry tank from his opornika and ready to shoot at the officers, who came to take this Tanchiki ...
The reality of a year ago - when the tankers refuse to go because they know that the back is almost no chances.
The reality of a year ago - when the battery commander 2S1 yelling into the radio - if the boxes piss, I own "Ferdinant" go out and cover. A "Ferdinant" on the fly just two. More precisely, half. And on the "weak", with mats and loonies, "Bears" come out - and returned without losses.
The reality of a year ago - when the infantry, he's tearing his shirt "myblyakiborgi" climbs from the basement even during the attacks.
The reality of a year ago - when a spotter stunned and shell-shocked sitting already in enemy territory and causes fire 152 mm over. Because nothing else except the arts to support the fire.
Do you want to present zrady?
And such "is when" while dozens a day was. Just do not have the resources.
So please, do not. All that was done then - done on the edge of the possible.
And often - beyond. And instead, to try to be clever, better help push rewarding infantry, tank crews and Arte which are not Sasse * Do that through the "can not" do wonders.
Give those who are personally and Muzhenko and Popko promised reward - but then forgotten. Because then, a year ago, a war in this zvizdoreze performing tasks for ten.
And the best - just silence. Not necessary. Or help, even badges for all of them do.

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