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why there is war in the Donbas

War, like any other phenomenon, not one-sided in nature and has at least two sides - management plan and the ability of the people (the military) to implement it.
Well, when the will of the head strong. Then, cast, together with the movement of the masses merged, it is not just a hundred-fold increases in the movement, but also makes it meaningful, purposeful, and most importantly, a powerful, all-consuming flow, often changes the course of history of entire peoples, and sometimes the world. But alas, even this level of heads of world historiography counts on his fingers, though usually without legs.
Well As for Ukraine, it seems that statesmen, koi see their purpose only in the care of the state povymirali since the collapse of Kievan Rus from the last prince. After that, the vast territory, without exaggeration, populated by highly cultured, but orphaned people, turned into a kind of transition from state to prize power, with that same orphaned at an appendage, as a bonus for a special brutality in the wars for the enslavement of Ukraine.
Russia, by contrast, since most times of godforsaken village Tatar ulus, turned into a mighty empire, imbued with the spirit of statehood through all layers, far from being highly cultured population. But this is what snaps concentrate - not high culture of the people, with strong advocacy of his superiority over the other ethnic groups, even in Russia living, has enabled the country for centuries Ridicule is not only a neighbor, but also its own people, forcing the latter to the drumbeat, like sheep to the slaughter, constantly waging wars of conquest not only from neighboring countries, but also trying to direct orders in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
Inglourious Basterds. Spiritual weekdays asvabazhdennyh territories in 2016
But after closer to home soil, and looking more closely to the situation in the Donbass, one should note that it has entered into a phase of transformation. Nowadays it can be characterized as a transition period, as a powerful scrapping in Russia's policy concerning the region.
Phase active military intervention "under the guise of" finished and goes to another - political confrontation. It is not so important, what it really pour out and what kind of gain - a frozen conflict and the return of the occupied territories under the jurisdiction of Ukraine. Much more importantly, the new period of Russian forces in the first place to get rid of the old cargo from the very suitcase without a handle, on it and stripping occur that Russian mass rid of the rabble, which yesterday as needed. Today it is - the waste material that must be disposed.
That is why, for the past year was conducted candid shooting Russian special forces influential field commanders of Donbass, the last of which was the "Dad-Dremov."
Cleaning the leaders in the past, this year started to peel, so to speak, to the small fish, as "looking" Gorlovka, some "Boatswain" and that is very interesting, ordinary fighters, but only en masse. That is to say - in bulk.
In addition to this change of political vector, there is another not unimportant the causes of stripping.
The fact is that when Russia waged active military operations, it would be advantageous to have at their disposal various gangs. And as they were more the better. As welcome the absolute inadequacy of those from whom they were formed. Inadequate it is also suit - they fought in principle, especially, are increasingly being covered by Russian human parts, but robbed in a serious way - and for myself, and for that uncle.
Hto naspravdі "vіdklyuchiv" water "LC"
Russia is also in the closed eyes, just because it had to, first of all, an information board of the so-called "miners and tractor operators," which from all over the world were able to hide their regular troops. But the active hostilities ended, and if the same regular troops quietly, not particularly leaning sit in permanent dislocation, the gopota, came running from the Donetsk and Lugansk gateways and gandelykov, stop looting "team" in principle not in a position, because robbery for them - it's a way of life, and for many - life itself, which is a place spoiled.
Therefore, during the truce that was marked by the Minsk agreements Adventure, interspersed with Russian Soldiers fouled their business and it is quite normal, because most of the infrastructure in the region, or bombed, or simply allowed under the knife ruthlessly cut out for scrap, and the grandmother is needed - to live it as it is necessary. After all, what is life without vodka, cigarettes, and then the girl will not interfere with, well, what can I say - grandmother needed for any and except grabanut neighbor in good Russian-Christian tradition, the more they take something and not from where.
So, quite profitable, and most importantly, not a business in the dusty environment advocates "Russkago world" was "proper" use of "dead souls" outlived its combat units to create fake entities. Thus, each "volunteer battalions" there were at least a hundred, and even serve them as local "miners and tractor operators," and alien "Russian brothers" lost "Russian world" and drunkenly-drugged stupor trying to find it in the vast steppes of the Ukraine, but the pricing, as it turns out they are different to the obscene and not in favor of the tractor Donbass.
It turns out that Mother Russia, not shrink, not only overt terrorism and genocide against the Ukrainian people, but also discrimination against its own sulfur, in essence, Russian narodopodobnoy weight, which in common even dignify "cannon fodder." So, although the price of "meat", even when it comes to its wholesale supplies, including large parties - much higher than the same lamb, or, say, beef, which in itself is not entirely correct but, as it turned out ram sheep - discord but not a friend, comrade and brother, so for carcass Russian asking different prices. Although, as it turned out, when it comes to Russian money, especially verdant, American camouflage, it is the soul and the devil can easily bargain. The issue in this case is true for the Orthodox Russians, and they, in contrast to the Ukrainians the same, well, very faithful. So, the only question is price.
For example, the Russian "dead soul," although it is a priori dead, if in fact Russian, costs from 30 to 60 000 and it is not "fighting". The soul of the same Russian, but local Donbass spill, with the label - "miner or a tractor", is already cheaper - 15 thousand rubles. As you can see - twice. Probably for the label, it is now no longer in vogue.
Business is quite profitable, and therefore very common. According to themselves, "the miners or the tractor," comes to the banal: "Give orders to the assault, and no one to fight. From the position of 500 people, we have a real 120, but wages for the" dead souls "bosses regularly puts it in his pocket."
Moreover, as "responsible for market" claim "miners", "between our Russian and often occur float up to the firearms. Russian" dead "beneficial to have in the" list ", because they get half." Can you imagine, "up to firearms," ​​and how the protection of the Russian-speaking Ukrainian Bandera and fascists, whatever "Russian world" with "the same drunken spring" - the same direction, and it, along with the world. It turns out that already - anywhere! In both life-all corrected.
And then, just fantastic in importance tirade of "tractor". Listened to her without interrupting, who can - standing: "We all went to war, to be rich, but got? Well, lucky enough, those techniques pressed or bytovuhi from broken homes (meaning household appliances), so what? Neighborhood arm blown off. Before the war, received a salary of 12 000 hryvnia, clean. Now there is no pension or salary. For what we were fighting and why such injustice - Russian pay for the war more than we do, because we are brothers, they are generally free must to protect us. "
Here the only thing missing, I am sure, this slimy, and in some cases even smerdyachuyu, innuendo felt every one of those who heard, especially standing, that immediately after "... they are generally free to protect us," should sound, "and paid her to give us, because we are brothers. "
These revelations underdeveloped Russian defenders of the "Russian world" is actually very important, because it opens the most, in particular, for me, the incredible secret of the 21st century - how Russia could attack Ukraine, while 89% of Russians do not jumped from the upper floors, and applauded the murderers of the Ukrainian people. And now, here you are: "We all went to war, to be rich." Well, just like in the glorious seventeenth. Taki is true that at this "cotton" in the brains with those of the Soviet era has not changed - to become rich - we must fight. Fighting necessary - pressing, and finally ask the question: "what got?"
It turns out that even in the simple calculations of heard revelations militants in the battalion, where the average hanging 100 "dead souls" if you take on the "Russian price" - 60 thousand. For everyone, it is even with the current crazy course wood, nearly $ 800. United States, plus a thousand combat and leave safely. 100 thousand per month Kombat green lays down only that mediocre ugrohal fought and his staff. What!
But, there is still a lot of side effects, so to speak bonuses. This is getting arms and ammunition, which also are not cheap oh, how and who can sell and it fits in your pocket all just falling from the sky. At the same time nothing at all to do, just pretend to completely insane, who allegedly believe in the bright future of "our motherland DNR" or, at worst - "LC".
That is why clean now Russian spetsnazery Ukrainian land from the Russian as filth and stench, which at the time they are also bred there, commonly known Russian feeble mind, because they do not read, devils tribe of Scripture, where the parables told them - "What goes around, comes around ", and in a simple way, in our" self naklalo rednecks - and the very shalt! "

The truth about the war in Ukraine

In the last days - just an epidemic of some kind on the Internet according to experts around the WCT. Dozens of "experts" say that has not been done, what has been done crooked, and what had to be done, so it was good - and that's when all must be.
Almost all last winter we spent in the area of ​​the WCT. All events seen from the inside.
And I want to say one thing. Those who today says that should have been done a year ago, did not have a clue about the events that were then out there in real life.
They know the stories already embellished. Know of a telephone conversation. They know by the posts on Facebook, where 80% - fiction.
But the reality is not known. I just do not know. Do not know war. Because it went to the place in a truce or lull, when everything in words, but not in reality. And assessment is also in words.
Because our army is the army a year ago - are two different armies.
Because the military operation today and try to do something a year ago - are two different things.
Oh, and bitter, we, Ukrainians, people!
The reality of a year ago - when there is someone to form a group of 30 people who would go out and cover up the small fire of departure from the terminal. And on the positions - a sieve, and even if the person 10 is removed, the holes in the defense such that the horse walk. No 30 infantry, which can be removed from the position. No 30 people in reserve who do not refuse to carry out orders. You understand? People simply refuse. Because the likelihood of back zero.
The reality of a year ago - is when the commander of the group of 20 people dobrobatovtsev promises to go out and cover. Relying on their support, the operation plan, and they do not come. Stupidly did not come!
The reality is when back- year from 20-30 people depend on everything - but they are not, these 30 people! And there is no place to take ...
The reality of a year ago - when it does not give the infantry tank from his opornika and ready to shoot at the officers, who came to take this Tanchiki ...
The reality of a year ago - when the tankers refuse to go because they know that the back is almost no chances.
The reality of a year ago - when the battery commander 2S1 yelling into the radio - if the boxes piss, I own "Ferdinant" go out and cover. A "Ferdinant" on the fly just two. More precisely, half. And on the "weak", with mats and loonies, "Bears" come out - and returned without losses.
The reality of a year ago - when the infantry, he's tearing his shirt "myblyakiborgi" climbs from the basement even during the attacks.
The reality of a year ago - when a spotter stunned and shell-shocked sitting already in enemy territory and causes fire 152 mm over. Because nothing else except the arts to support the fire.
Do you want to present zrady?
And such "is when" while dozens a day was. Just do not have the resources.
So please, do not. All that was done then - done on the edge of the possible.
And often - beyond. And instead, to try to be clever, better help push rewarding infantry, tank crews and Arte which are not Sasse * Do that through the "can not" do wonders.
Give those who are personally and Muzhenko and Popko promised reward - but then forgotten. Because then, a year ago, a war in this zvizdoreze performing tasks for ten.
And the best - just silence. Not necessary. Or help, even badges for all of them do.

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